shutdown and contact information


Info about the Poll+ shutdown, ways to contact me, and what else there may be to come.

For the most part, I've given up on web projects for the time being due to personal reasons. This includes Poll+, MeWe exploits, Archive Plus*, and other projects I never finished. In the next few weeks I will release the source code for all deprecated projects (including Poll+) so if anyone would like to continue the effort you're welcome to. Otherwise, most of my existing projects will recieve no maintaince or updates from this point forwards and are subject to immediate shutdown.

*The one exception to this may be Archive+, which I have mostly fully given up on months ago, however I still retain most of the data archive from it. I'm considering attempting to create a website that mimics the G+ interface (using a combination of saved G+ code and Poll+ code) which displays random archived posts. I may also include a tool allowing anyone to enter a profile ID and find that user's old profile and even current social profiles, assuming they've been archive. This may take months or may never happen at all, so be sure to keep in touch if you're interested. All contact details are listed below.

Email: jarodboyd@yahoo.com
Phone: 918-774-6978
XMPP: pollperson@airmail.cc

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