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The Basics

Poll+ allows you to use your MeWe account as if it were a Google+ account. It is a "client" of sorts, that re-skins MeWe and creates new features (like collections). Note that Poll+ is in development and is not yet fully functional.

This page addresses some of the common concerns, questions, and problems.


Feedback is greatly appreciated. Here's how you can get in touch.

Email: jarodboyd@yahoo.com
Phone: (918) 774-6978
Hangouts: Jarodboyd1c@gmail.com
Instagram: @pollperson


Giving out your password to anything is generally a bad idea, but in this case it's the only solution due to MeWe restrictions. Poll+ never stores passwords, email addresses, or phone numbers. When submitted, passwords are sent straight to MeWe for authentication.

Since Poll+ uses MeWe's backend for most tasks, almost all security is handled by MeWe. This means even if Poll + has an exploit, there is very little damage it can do.

Navigation & features

Poll+ should work mostly like Google+, but it's not perfect (yet).

Most pages can be found in the sidebar and navbar once you're logged in. Note that some pages aren't finished and will not load. Try navigating without using browser back/forward buttons as they can get confusing (will be fixed soon).

You can change the default emoji to like posts with and the format that hashtags are added to posts in MeWe with the settings page.

To create a collection, add a hashtag to your pinned/featured post. For example, adding "#posts, #reshares" to your pinned/featured post will create a "posts" and "reshares" collection.

To post in a collection, open the "share with" menu, select the appropriate options and type the collection ID in the box. The collection ID is the string of text that appear after the # in MeWe.

Known issues

An updated list of known issues that are being worked on.

  • Slow loading, unnecessary refreshes, confusing page order.
  • No animations, infinite scroll, or Javascript features.
  • No image uploading.
  • Communities, Circles, and Settings are very unfinished and do not work.
  • Collections are not very user friendly.
  • Composing posts has a difficult interface.